What our patients
are saying

Our experience with Sunshine SPOT was amazing! My son started treatment here for developmental delays. We received a wealth of information, resources, and support for more my entire family. When he was diagnosed with autism, she continued to support, and changed my way of looking at both my son and his diagnosis. She told me that my son is not autistic, he is not his diagnosis, he HAS a diagnosis. It pulled me out of my funk, and changed the way I approached his treatment. This has literally changed our lives in ways that I cannot put into words. I will be forever thankful to not only Alicia, but the rest of the staff at Sunshine Spot for helping our family.
— Megan, Tampa

We love all three of our therapists from Sunshine SPOT! Our speech therapist, physical therapist, and early interventionist always work together and communicate with each other to form the best plan for our daughter. They teach us new techniques and show us how to continue therapy at home. We are so grateful for this company. Alicia, Davina, and Karen are truly amazing and we love them!
— Danielle, Tampa

I have been so lucky to have found this company! My son has had two therapists and both of them have been great with my son. Bailey has helped my son go from not talking at all to becoming a little parrot in the past few months and the work she does with him is absolutely showing. Thank you sunshine spot and Bailey for the support you have offered my family and the work you do.
— Kristey, Tampa

Our therapist from Sunshine SPOT has been the best thing that has ever happened to us for our daughter who has learning disabilities. Now, she is excelling in school and continues to improve every week. Thank you for everything you do Sunshine SPOT.
— Melissa, Tampa

The Amurgis family is such a sweet caring family whether you’re a friend or a patient they will always welcome you with loving arms and tons of smiles!! Sunshine SPOT is really wonderful!
— Tori, Tampa