Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is defined by the American Occupational Therapy Association executive board (1976) as: “The therapeutic use of work, self-care, and play activities to increase development and prevent disability. It may include adaptation of task or environment to achieve maximum independence and to enhance the quality of life."

It is the role of the Occupational Therapist to provide interventions, adaptive equipment and training / education / guidance to families and caregivers so that the environment can be modified to fit the child. It is the job of the Occupational Therapist to provide intervention which will help our clients to regain function, maintain level of functioning, or make accommodations for any deficits they may be experiencing.

Common occupational therapy interventions include helping children with disabilities to participate fully in various environments and social situations as well as helping them to recover from injury to regain skills.

Sunshine SPOT fully integrates the family and caregivers into the therapeutic process. Evaluations are performed in the home and a plan to improve skills is put into place.